Home is where the heart is.

Unfortunately, mine seems to still be in Manila.

But then again, it really might take a while for me to fall in love with Dumaguete; to see it as more than just a vacation spot or a place where most of my relatives are. So we’ll see in the weeks and months to come.

Today, Lucille and I went looking for apartments again for me to live in. You see, my dad wants to get Lola’s house renovated bit by bit, which is why I can’t stay here long-term. And besides, I do want a space of my own where I can have my things all laid out, photos pinned and tacked onto walls, maybe even have a poster or two? Little things to make me less homesick, really.


I passed by a cow while walking to Lucille’s house. (Let’s just call it her house, haha.)

A friend of ours recommended a dorm behind ABC Learning Center, which is still in Bantayan, so it is very near my tita’s house and Lucille’s house. Walking distance, really. So Lucille and I inquired and they had a room for one that will be vacated by July 1. We were brought up to see the room and it was pretty good for me! It’s quite spacious, with lovely green walls. The rent for it is Php3,700 per month, but the first payment must be double because the other Php3,700 would be for the security deposit/reservation fee. – but then again, that already includes free electricity, water, and WiFi access (!!!!!) so that is a pretty good deal. However, the only furniture would be a bed with no mattress; I would have to bring my own electric fan (which I already have, hohoho), hangers and racks, storage bins, the like. The room is also very airy because it is a corner room, which means I’d have a lovely spread of windows for the air to flow in. And it tends to be quite cool at night so that’s a plus!

We thanked the dorm manager and then left the dormitory. I called Papa up to inform him about it, and he seemed okay with our find even if I hadn’t sent any photos of it yet to him. But I felt like that’s the place I want to live in. Even though it has a curfew (10pm onย Sundays to Thursdays, 12am on Fridays and Saturdays), I don’t think it would be too much of a hassle since I realized that establishments in Dumaguete close quite early, with the exception of 24-hour fast food places like McDonald’s and the usual bars and other nighttime establishments. ย It’s easy to take a trike to and from school, and it’s close to where Lucille lives so I can go and pester her whenever I want to. (Such a clingy sister, I know. Haha!) We went back to the dorm (we were literally just a few feet away from it) and expressed our intent to reserve the room to the dorm manager, thanked her again and then we left.

Here's what the room looks like. Sorry, guy who currently stays here. I don't think you'd read my blog anyway, lol.

Here’s what the room looks like. Sorry, guy who currently stays here. I don’t think you’d read my blog anyway, lol.

We had lunch at The Bean @ Portal – wow, I really love that place now. I’ve been there pretty much every day since we arrived! Lucille told me to try their Special Iced Tea that comes in a jar – not one of those swanky mason jars, but a regular, large jar. I took a sip, and it was so, so good. Sooooooo. Goooooood. We shared it while we ate our food, then stayed a while and talked about stuff while we were waiting for her friend to come by.

After that we went to a nearby salon where Lucille got her hair cut, and I got my nails done. Since I don’t remember the last time I’ve worn nail polish before, or ever, I opted for a pretty metallic red.

I took this while in Lucille's room, hence the open door. Wow, my hand looks pretty.

I took this while in Lucille’s room, hence the open door. Wow, my hand looks pretty.

Then after we were done with that, we went back to Villareal Hall to check on my exam results. And lo and behold..




I’m scheduled for an interview tomorrow, which will be at 4pm.

I am actually pretty.. relaxed about this.

Though I think, ย the nerves might set in tomorrow when I walk up the VH stairs and down the hall to the Law Office.

I hope I do well.


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