First Friday. (This post is to be updated throughout the day)

Most likely will be full of rants.

quarter to 10am – I woke up and saw the text from Ma’am Belen that said I qualified for SU Law School admission and I should get my permit to enroll processed at Hibbard Hall. Posted it on IG and on here.

1130am – Went to Hibbard Hall. Thought it would be simple but apparently I need to submit original copies of my requirements. Well shiiiiiiiiit. (Obvs made me pissed because I hate going around in hot weather because I have the wonderfully fortunate case of sweating very easily in wonderfully copious amounts of perspiration.) Then I also need to get a medical exam and tests done at SUMC. I thought you did that shit AFTER you did the paperwork. Ugh. What the hell.

past 1230pm – Went to BDO North Road because we need money. Lol went to Jollibee next door but no more space. So we walked to Moon Cafe but it’s full. Captain Ribbers also full. Ended up at Jo’s Chicken InatΓ΄. Honestly I have no freakin’ idea if I even want to eat at all because I’m already in a bad mood. Ugh. And I can’t even replenish my bank account because I was only given Php5,000 – Php3,700 will go to reserving my dorm room, which leaves me with around Php1,300. Not even enough for my ATM’s maintaining balance (BPI has it at Php3k). Which means my account will probably be very bare until I find a job. Ugh. What the hell.

I really, really, REALLY miss Manila. I miss my friends, I miss the malls, and I miss.. I just miss everything.

after lunch, around 2pm – Went to pay my admission misc. fee at the Business bldg, I think? Don’t really remember exact name. Then went to SUMC to get my medical requirements done. We passed by the WA Snack Area and Tita Memen gave us snacks, woohoo!

Needed to get a CBC, chest x-ray, and dental check-up. I really do not like getting blood drawn because I hate the feeling of the needle punching through my skin. =n= The other tests went okay. I got my results for the dental almost immediately after the check, and the CBC at around 430pm. X-ray result will be released around 10am tomorrow.

a little before 5pm – We went back to Nusa Dua Dormitory to pay for my room’s reservation fee since it’ll still be vacant in July. We saw our friend Urich and we hung out a while, caught up and stuff. It was nice to see him. He’ll be my neighbor when I move into the dorm!

quarter to 6pm – I decided to visit Macho in Camanjac. He lives with our other aunt, Tita Memen. It was nice to see their family again and the dogs.. Tilde and Star kept growling at me, which was scary.. but Bruno (who is my dog Rocko’s brother – we got them together from my uncle who had a farm in Tagaytay, a few years ago) looked very kindly at me and even rested his head on my lap for a while, then he licked my hand and let me pat him. I think he remembered me somehow.


This is Bruno. Such a big cutie!


Rubbing his tummy - he actually fell asleep during this, his snores are cute. Note that my feet are a women's size 10!

930pm – Hitched a ride back to Bantayan with Tito Ed and Tita Memen. Now just watching The Legal Wife while waiting for Lucille because I need to get something from her room. Haha.


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