A fairly sunny Saturday.

Today, I didn’t really have much to do. I went to SUMC to pick up my x-ray results (normal chest, woohoo!) and to get a brief check-up from Dr. Jandoc, who is a family friend, and my older sister’s godfather. Heehee! It turns out I didn’t even have to undergo anything, he just looked through my medical form and asked a few questions.. because he was just hanging out at the Women’s Auxiliary’s snack shop reading a newspaper, which he apparently does often. So I submitted my test results and medical form to the University Clinic, and I got my permit to enrol. However, since it’s a Saturday, offices close by 11am so I’ll hopefully finish enrolling on Monday, because classes start on Tuesday.

I had an iced coffee at The Bean @ Portal (wow, I’ve been going there almost daily–) while waiting for Macho and his Mamu Choy. (Note: Macho calls his grandmothers as Mamu, and his great-grandmothers as Lola.) Mamu- or rather, Tita Choy, is also a professor at SU Law, but the subjects she teaches are forΒ the higher years. If I decide to really pursue Law, then she’ll be one of my professors too. We went to Lee Plaza as well as Robinson’s to buy a few things, then we visited her parents before being brought home. It was nice to be able to talk to Tita Choy during the car ride back to Bantayan, after dropping Macho off back at Camanjac. She said that even if it was not an immediate choice to really study Law, I should still do my best.

My iced mocha from The Bean @ Portal.

My iced mocha from The Bean @ Portal.

After staying home for a bit, Lucille came over and hung out for a while before we both left to go downtown to have dinner. I had actually eaten already while I was with Tita Choy and Macho, but well.. I don’t think I’ve ever really passed up a chance to eat. Ugh. After having dinner at Connie’s, we went to Lee Plaza’s supermarket because I needed to buy a few essentials – deodorant, pantiliners, and perhaps one of the most important things to buy..


I cannot stress how important it is to have it. Oh my goodness. Every single day I have been here in Dumaguete, I seem to have more and more mosquito bites on my arms and legs. Ugggggggh. Thank goodness I haven’t had dengue yet (or.. is it a bad thing because it might get worse if I do get it at this age), my CBC test came back clean.

Anyway, after Lee Plaza, Lucille and I went to this newly opened Korean shop that not only sells cosmetics and skin care, but also clothes as well as bags! I’ll be making a post dedicated to it right after this. ^^


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