A bit of free time.

I haven’t really had time to stay up and reflect on my days so far.. and yesterday’s holiday (Philippine Independence Day) was pretty much spent trying to read assigned cases, checking on my cargo to be shipped from Manila, and to go out with my nephew and buy his school supplies.

At least today, I do have some spare time to type something up on my laptop and not just type it on my smartphone.

It has been a little more than roughly a week and a half that I’ve been here in Dumaguete and I admit I’m still not really used to it.. hasn’t really sunk in that I’ll be here a while. Things just really are different here. The atmosphere is just so laid-back, very far from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. But then again there is a sense of urgency especially since I’m in law school. That, you can’t just happily coast along. You really have to do your best lest you get left behind.. and my classmates seem to really be good at this. I feel kind of left out because they actually do want to be here. As for me.. I’m more on here because I have a sense of obligation to my dad for this. I don’t really know what I want in life, but I do know that I want to sing. Haha. Well.. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get the hang of this someday.

But at least I’ve made a few new friends.. sitting near the back has its perks, I think. I was never really the strictly studious type and I’m pretty prone to anxiety.. so having a group of friends who like to laugh around and make chika and still be able to study is really helpful. I think it will help me adjust to life in DGT and life in law school. In retrospect, I find that I usually make friends who are a little older than I am, though I do have some that are younger than me. Back in college, I had my best friend Ate Trinna who is in fact – the same age as my older sister Ate Imee! A ten-year gap doesn’t really mean that you’re on opposite poles of the spectrum; you might have different priorities and sensibilities but somehow you find things in common that you can talk freely about without being judged. I think having a friend more mature in age than you are, it’s good for you. You get to learn from them and you get to listen to a lot of stories that can help shape your future. With Ate Trinna, it wasn’t just a friendship for the sake of having friends in class, it was friendship because we really had a connection and I really did feel like she was another sister to me. Whenever I was over at their house I was practically treated as family. It feels nice to look back on those times. I really miss it.

Awwww crud, I really am homesick.. as much as it is less warm here in DGT (but still warm nonetheless) in comparison to Manila.. it’s really the people combined with places that I really miss. I miss hanging out with my friends either in SM Southmall, Alabang Town Center, or Festival Mall (hello, Allie and Gax!), or having coffee somewhere new while having lively conversations on makeup and other things (hi, Azaza and Chesra!), or going to SM Mall of Asia to visit a friend after her work and go check out makeup counters together (Chesra again), or tagging along with a friend to a bazaar for the first time in a long time and really just absorbing a newfound interest in makeup and beauty (Azaza again), or being whisked somewhere just because a friend needed accompanying and I was more than willing to do so because ROADTRIP ADVENTURE (Gax again), or goofing around Drew Mall because it’s been an inside joke for a few years and always finding a reason and place to sing karaoke (Allie again), or staying late at a friend’s house because either I didn’t want to go home yet and I was having too much fun talking (Gax again) or having too much interest in rooting around their makeup/contacts/whatever collection (Gax and Azaza again heehee) and then ending up sleeping over impromptu (definitely Azaza, haha!).. goodness, I wish we all had more time before I left. But then again.. ah. I’ll be back in a few months, yes? I really miss you girls..

Sometimes I just feel so.. lost in DGT. It’s a lovely place, no doubt about it.. I mean I wake up earlier since I’ve been here, and I’ve accepted that rooster crows and goat meh-ehehehehs and cows and goats eating grass on the side of the street and frogs both alive and squished are pretty normal things to encounter.. but it feels like my body is here, but my heart and soul are somewhere else.

I’m definitely still in the process of coping with all of this.. I hope I won’t be a maladjusted mess after a month or two.


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