With a new challenge comes new friends.

And that’s quite precisely how I feel about today.

We happen to have Saturday classes from 930am-11am; however we were dismissed early because we were required to attend an orientation for first year Law students at the Moot Court. At first I was a bit iffy because, well.. orientations tend to be boring, to be honest. But at least after a short talk from one of the SU pastors as well as Dr. Aguilan, the guidance counselor of the College of Law, we were able to have lunch. Heehee.

After lunch, we came back to the Moot Court and were asked to arrange our chairs into a circle – or at least, an oblong. There were over 40 of us (!!!) and obviously a circle just wouldn’t work for our class. Then we were asked by Dr. Aguilan to introduce ourselves to the class – it was actually our third time introducing ourselves, because two of our professors had asked us to do the same thing during their classes.

But the difference is, this was definitely more informal in the sense that we didn’t feel as if we were being silently judged by our professors. We felt like we were being more ourselves, more light-hearted, more open to a degree. It was really nice to have an opportunity to let loose for a bit, albeit still in the confines of school. And at least this time, I was able to familiarize myself with my classmates, even if I admit I probably will not remember all their names until a few weeks from now. (Oops.)

After that, we played games. Yes. Apparently law school orientations still have games, though I do understand why. It helps to make us feel closer to each other; and it helps makes us mesh into one cohesive unit, a team, a class focused on graduating together and ultimately to pass the Philippine Bar Examinations. It may seem borderline embarrassing to be freaking out over if you have the right amount during the Money Game, if you can find someone to partner with during Bahay-Baboy-Bagyo.. but well. I guess when people get embarrassed together, somehow it works to establish camaraderie. Ah, the intricacies of life and human relationships! Needless to say, we were definitely more close than, say, the first day of school.

By God's grace, and with hard work, perseverance, and each other's help, this is Silliman University College of Law's BATCH 2018. :)

By God’s grace, and with hard work, perseverance, and each other’s help, this is Silliman University College of Law’s BATCH 2018. πŸ™‚ Photo credit goes to Paolo’s camera, and then to Ms. Marilyn (Dr. Aguilan’s assistant) who took our photo. Heehee!

After the orientation ended, I also took a chance to take a selca with my newfound friends – or at least, the ones I sit close to, and a few others–



Awww shoot, maybe I should have brought my monopod today–

After some of us (which means, in this case, half the people in this photo and maybe one or two others not in here)Β went out to photocopy some reading material for class (case digests, book pages, uggggggh–), we all went our separate ways. I wanted to have some coffee, so Ron B. and I (Ron. B is the guy in red near the front of my selcas) went to The Rollin’ Pin, a pretty new coffee, bread, and pastry shop along 24katada St., quite near Uytengsu Hall. Ron and I had a nice bit of rest while having some coffee and bread. It was nice to just be calm, before pushing through the storm of readings that we would have to do.

My hot latte and two mini pain au chocolat.  The bread tasted delicious! The whole shop smells like bread and coffee actually - and I am not complaining about it at all!

My hot latte and two mini pain au chocolat. The bread tasted delicious! The whole shop smells like bread and coffee actually – and I am not complaining about it at all! I felt like putting some cute stickers on it because well.. I just felt like it. πŸ˜€

Ah, I should be reading more cases and writing case digests now.

I’m definitely still homesick, but at least I know I am in good company. Today was a terrific day! πŸ™‚


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