The Simpsons for MAC!


Once Upon a Glam...

IMG_8011IMG_8024Just when I thought I’d seen it all from MAC they give me an eyeshadow called Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag, haaaaaa!

In celebration of the Simpson’s 25th birthday the matriarch of the family has brought us her own line of cosmetics via MAC. Go on with your bad self Marge! In the collection is eyeshadow quads, blusher, lipgloss, lashes and nail stickers.


I had a little treat brought back for me from the states by my very kind family who were recently over there. Knowing my obsession with the limited edition eyeshadow quads they brought me the ‘Extra Ingredients Quad’ back. The minute I laid eyes on it I was in love. Some of my most prized eyeshadows are the Wonder Woman quads that were out few year back. Remember them?…


K then I better get on with the review!

Packaging – 9/10

I love these slim line little cases, they…

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Guerlain | Christmas Colour Collection 2014 (Limited Edition)

No time to blog but there’s time to reblog!

Ommorphia Beauty Blog is one of my favorite online haunts. Her reviews are great, the products are to die for (well.. some of them are, to me), and I feel like I’m living my beauty dreams vicariously through her. ♡

I want those Meteorites– /fans self/

ommorphia beauty bar

Guerlain Christmas Collection 2014 opener

This holiday season, Guerlain takes us back to the opulence of Imperial Russia with the Christmas Colour Collection 2014. These limited edition products with their gold packaging and luxurious ruby details throughout, echo the grandeur of that era: picture taking a ride in an ornately embellished horse-drawn gilt carriage with the snow swirling above, while you’re wrapped up snugly in [faux] fur pelts. Or sitting in a velvet-esconced box at the theatre, opera glasses held in satin-lined & elbow-length gloves, waiting to enjoy a performance of Swan Lake by the Bolchoï Ballet. Or indulging in the finest Belugan caviar.

My inner Russian princess is showing…

For the first time since its creation in 1937, Guerlain has reproduced Coque d’Or‘s original bottle and reinterpreted it in golden-lacquered glass adorned with a vibrant red bulb, but filling it with a light-as-air loose powder to add a shimmering veil to hair or skin. The Petrouchka…

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Homesick again, among other things.

It feels like ages since I’ve made a proper blog post, but from what happened last night, I think it’s time for a little catharsis.

After yesterday’s class (Wednesday is the most stressful day for us JD-I students, because it’s when we have our most stressful classes – Criminal Law, and Statutory Construction. For StatCon, our section was split into two, and the Section B.. let’s just say we’re not too fond of our professor but we try to stick it out anyway for grades’ sake.), some of my classmates and I headed out to El Amigo since it was a classmate’s birthday (hi, Lala!) and she treated us to drinks. After some of our companions had left, there were only around 6 of us who stayed and chatted. I just pretty much kept quiet and drank quietly while listening to the conversations.

All of a sudden, one of them looked at me and said that I’m not being spontaneous.
Another one chimed in and said that I wasn’t the same Yani that I was before.

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