In the Mail: Manic Panic Lethal Lipsticks in Daughter of Darkness and Nosferatu

First post of 2015, woo!

I apologize to my readers for the long delay in posting. It feels like months since my last post. I’ve been swamped with law school, and I chose to spend my holiday vacation bonding with my family and catching up with my friends (especially if we’re friends on Facebook or connected via Instagram). Also, when I returned to Dumaguete on the 5th, I found out the next day that I was in the early stages of chickenpox, which meant 2 more weeks out of school spent in a super-sedentary lifestyle because I couldn’t even take a few steps without groaning in pain from the high blood pressure. I need to lose weight, too–

ANYWAY! This first post of the year is about my first big purchase of 2015 –  Manic Panic lipsticks!

I’ve always known about Manic Panic hair dyes, because my friends use it and I’ve also seen a lot of bloggers and celebrities use it to dye their hair all rainbow-brite. Hopefully this summer I’ll get a chance to dye even just part of my hair with it! (I’ve already contracted my friend Gax to dye for me. Muhahahaha!) Then I found out they had a cosmetics line and I just HAD to browse through their site, after which I browsed through some local online sellers for availability.

I purchased mine from GWYSHOP, whom some of you may have seen manning a booth with a couple other sellers during cosplay events. I’ve actually bought a few things from them such as NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and contact lenses, but this is my first online purchase from them.

Because I currently reside in a dormitory in Dumaguete City, it’s not very easy to get things sent to me. I usually opt to get items picked up at a nearby courier branch, most likely LBC since it’s the nearest one I know, not to mention there’s so many branches in Manila so it’s easier for the sender to send it to me through branch pickup. (Am I making sense..?)


Compared to the LBC and FasTrack wrappers, the sent items are actually quite small. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that I love love LOVE receiving things in the mail, whether it’s a package containing a photobook or an album, or an order from an online shop, or even snail mail like postcards and letters. So of course, when I receive something I tend to go snap-happy and take photos of it!

Let’s take a glance at the packaging first, shall we?


The lipsticks are packed in individual plastic boxes, with small card labels which bear the brand name, the shade the lipstick comes in, and the list of ingredients. The plastic boxes are quite sturdy, I even had a fairly difficult time trying to open it. Or maybe I’m just not very good at opening things–


Manic Panic Lethal Lipsticks

The lipstick case itself is made of glossy black plastic, which can make it quite prone to finger prints. Metallic silver prints bear the Manic Panic logo, as well as the logo of the brand’s cosmetic line, Glamnation. To add to the rockstar feel, the click-on cap is studded with little crystals (sequins? idk what they’re called ehe–). The packaging reflects the Manic Panic image very well, and I’m a real sucker for nice packaging so kudos on that!

Now onto the lipstick bullets. I won’t be making a proper review yet, as I’m still being swamped by law school things and I don’t exactly have an event to wear such bold lipsticks to. But you’ll never know!


Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick in Daughter of Darkness

Daughter of Darkness is part of the Kitten Colors series of the Lethal Lipsticks, which according to the Manic Panic website bear a matte finish, as opposed to their other lipstick series. (They even have one called Peacock Shimmer, so you can kind of guess what kind of colours and finishes the lipsticks from that series have!) From just looking at the bullet, it appears to be a deep red-violet.


Swatch photo from the Manic Panic website.

The website swatch looks promising, and I’m really excited to try such a vampy colour! Maybe I should wear it to class when I’m feeling especially somber. (To Crim class, maybe?? Oblicon??) I think it would look good with a neutral eye to boost day wearbility, and with a smoky eye for nighttime glam. The possibilities, aksnfnlakdjfl–


Nosferatu is also from the Kitten Colors series. And what can I say – it’s black. Black black black, like my heart when somebody swipes food from my plate without asking my permission. (Hahaha!)

Really, Yani? Black lipstick??

And why not? It’s a new year, maybe you should try new things. My friend Allie actually started giving me darker lipsticks last year as gifts, because between our friend (and my cousin) Cid and I, I’m the one most likely to wear dark shades of lippie. And surprisingly, the shades she picks out are so so so nice on me. That is, when I feel like playing mean girl or maldita kontrabida! So now that I’ve gone to the dark side (of lipstick), why not push my boundaries even more and get a black lipstick? Soooooo exciting! (I’ve secretly wanted to try going goth, heh.)

Yapo is one of the awesome bloggers I’ve been following, and her review on Nosferatu is the reason why I bought the shade at all. She pulls it off so well! Black lipstick can be intimidating to even think of trying, but to see it on her.. I really just had to purchase it!


Screenshot from her site, as accessed on my phone. SHE'S SO GORGEOUS I CRY--

I’m really excited to swatch and try these Manic Panic lipsticks, so please anticipate a future post on them! πŸ™‚

xx Marianne


8 thoughts on “In the Mail: Manic Panic Lethal Lipsticks in Daughter of Darkness and Nosferatu

  1. eusoualexis says:

    Oh, be still, my dark-lippy loving heart. Those look lovely! Daughter of Darkness actually kind of reminds me of Scandal by Suesh Canada (which I wore to work today).

    I am happy to take you to the dark side, lip-colour-wise. I don’t know. You seem like the person who can handle it. You have enough, uh, oomph-factor. Haha!


    • I forgot to bring the lovely lippies you gave me along to Duma. ;A; All I needed to do was stuff them into my makeup bag– /regrets

      Aha, and I am more than thankful! Lazy me approves of bold lippies – they shake up my look with just a few simple swipes. Thank you again!!!


      • eusoualexis says:

        Wah! Oh wells! You can get them when you go back here for vacay.

        I love bold lippies! True, it’s instant drama with a few swipes. You really do seem like the type of girl who can carry the colour!


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