Review: Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick in Nosferatu

AHAAAAAAAAAAA! The review you’ve all (okay.. maybe just some of you) been waiting for! (Previous review on Daughter of Darkness is HERE.)

I originally swatched this a few days ago (on the 6th, to be more precise) while I was trying to practice my contouring. You’ll see a photo of it later in this post!

Like Daughter of Darkness, this was purchased from GWYSHOP, a lovely shop that sells mainly cosplay items such as wigs and circle lenses. I can’t really say I’m a regular since I don’t go to cosplay events anymore mainly because I’m miles and regions away here in Dumaguete, but I’ve purchased quite a few items from them. ^^

Nosferatu is a lovely velvet black shade. Velvet, because it has a matte finish! I’ve really been loving matte lips these days and this black lippie has really appealed to me because of its finish!


Yes, I reused the photo from when I received the package– ^^;;

Now, I admit I was pretty apprehensive to try a black lipstick.. but ever since my friend Alexis nudged me in the direction of the dark side (of the lippies), I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of purchasing any lipstick/gloss/shade other than something deep and dark. Purchasing Nosferatu was really stretching my limits – I mean, on what occasion would I wear it? Would I even have the guts or style to wear it outside the house??


Swatches on my hand. Ridiculous opacity!

Pigmentation is RIDICULOUS! (I mean that in the best way possible!) One swipe and two swipes don’t even seem to have any difference, except maybe intensity, to a certain degree. I find that two swipes help with move lip coverage. (Matte lipsticks can settle into fine lines and chapped areas so always make sure to exfoliate and condition your lips before applying!)

Aaaaaand here come the lip swatches~

This one, I took a few days before.

This one, I took a few days before.

Sorry for the horrid lighting! I took this one at night, and the fluorescent lighting coupled with the green walls of my dorm room, plus the meh performance of Samsung smartphones’ front-facing cameras in low light make for a very unflattering photo. :/

But then again, the pallid look makes for a very goth-like selca, I think!

And of course, I had the idea of maaaaaaybe trying something out..

If you follow me on Instagram or if we're friends on Facebook, then you've probably seen this photo~

If you follow me on Instagram or if we’re friends on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen this photo~

Presenting, my feeble attempt at copying Death, one of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman series. (Just pretend she’s decided to morph into a struggling law student in the Philippines, ehe.)

Anyway, I also decided to take a lip swatch the next day, so you can have a better idea of the lipstick.


Looking more alive!

Do you guys like my Uniqlo x LINE Friends shirt? Heehee~

Here, you can have a better idea of just how opaque Nosferatu is! I put on two good swipes, then did a bit of adjusting and fixing with a lip brush. I find that it’s easier to fill in most of the inner lips first, then using a lip brush to blend out and refine the edges. The struggle with dark lipstick is that it’s so obvious if you go beyond your liplines!

Removal wise, it’s what you expect from a black lipstick. It doesn’t come off easily with just a tissue, but a good swipe with a cotton pad with some makeup remover (or even just baby oil) can remove most of it. Also, it’s probably best to have a separate lip brush for this because it could stain the fibers as well.

Reeeeeally working the partly parted lips here. Haha!

Reeeeeally working the partly parted lips here. Haha!

The girl likes that..
☆ Daughter of Darkness, it glides on smoothly with no tugging on the lips.
☆ ..pigmentation is insane! One swipe is enough for deep, dark lips.
☆ smells like cupcakes. YESSSSSSS!
☆ lips felt nicely moisturized, even if it’s a matte lipstick.

The girl dislikes that..
□’s a teensy bit high maintenance – it’s not a shade that you can just swipe on and go. Needs a little more care in application.
□ stains a bit upon removal.

The girl rates it..
.. also, a 10/10!

While not the most wearable shade of lipstick, it’s definitely something I can see myself wearing outside of the house if I wore something that could match well with such a deep, dark matte black. I’m thinking either gothic glam, or maybe 90’s grunge? (Note to self: learn to search through ukay-ukays or thrift shops – but make sure to take your allergy meds ^^;;) Actually, it doesn’t look too harsh if you leave the rest of your face relatively neutral, or even bare. All the attention goes to your lips!

xx Marianne


6 thoughts on “Review: Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick in Nosferatu

  1. eusoualexis says:

    Good gosh! I loved every word of the post. Dokchops is right. It’s rare to find completely opaque black lippies. In fact,this is the first time I’ve seen a local blogger put on a black lippie that isn’t sheer.

    I am proud to bring you to the dark side. Nyehe!


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