Review: NYX Butter Gloss in BLG06 Peach Cobbler

Hello, my lovelies! I never thought I’d do yet another review on lip makeup, or makeup for that matter.. but here I am, crushing my own expectations. Hahaha! 😀

Last Valentines’ Day weekend, I took it upon myself to go out of two and off the the Queen City of the South, Cebu City! I’ll do a separate post on that, but for now I’ll give a little bit of a background as to how I purchased this little baby.

Basically, I was wandering around SM City Cebu and trying to familiarize myself with the mall. It was HUGE! Not quite Megamall huge, but definitely bigger than SM Southmall. I didn’t know anyone in Cebu (save for a couple of friends who, alas, had work that day so I was left on my own for Saturday) and for some reason, the hustle and bustle of an SM mall gives me a vague sense of comfort.



/cue angelic choir/ HAAAAALLELUJAAAAAAH

/cue angelic choir/ HAAAAALLELUJAAAAAAH


NYX Cosmetics is well-loved here in the Philippines (and in the whole world, for that matter) for affordable, high-quality cosmetics. It’s a favorite of online sellers (and buyers) for its wide range of shades and products. So how do you think I felt (as a relatively new lover of makeup) when I found an ENTIRE SHOP just for NYX? (Hint: It involved a bit of jaw-dropping and slight wheezing to myself.)

Apparently they also have branches at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia, but maybe I can visit there when I come home to Manila– /excited/

They were having a sale on selected items, which led me to check out this particular display:



See the little orange tube near the top left hand corner of the display, by the lip crayons? It’s hanging out in front of the lip glosses.

It was the last Butter Gloss in the whole store.
They were having a sale on selected items, and the Butter Glosses were the first to go.. So how lucky was I that the last tube of Butter Gloss left on sale was in the shade that I was most curious about – Peach Cobbler? So of course I immediately bought it, and went on my way. /no regrets/

I finally got to try it out when I came back to Dumaguete.

My preciousssssssssss.

My preciousssssssssss.

Looks kind of scary, straight from the tube..

Looks kind of scary, straight from the tube..

Here’s what their website has to say about it:

Buttery soft and silky smooth, our scrumptious new Butter Lip Gloss tastes as sweet as a sugar cookie—and makes your lips look downright luscious. Swipe it on alone or over your favorite lipstick for creamy sheer to medium coverage that melts onto your lips and is never sticky.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of makeup bloggers and YouTube beauty gurus rave about the these Butter Glosses, but I never really paid any mind to them until one of my favorite YouTubers, Jen of frmheadtotoe mentioned them not only in her January 2015 Favorites, but also as part of her HOLY GRAIL PRODUCTS of 2014! Now, she did mention 2 different shades (Sugar Cookie for the January faves, and Cupcake for the 2014 faves), but it only goes to show how much she loves the formulation and pretty much everything about it – and well, I just HAD to have it.

Peach Cobbler is described by NYX as a red-orange, but different bloggers tend to have different swatches, depending on their skintone and if their lips are already fairly pigmented to begin with. Now, I can’t exactly give you a reference to my skintone because I have never tried on any MAC foundations (which seem to be the standard for beauty bloggers’ comparison, haha).. but well. Take my colour swatches with a grain of salt, I suppose? 🙂

On to the swatches!

Red-orange it is!

Red-orange it is!

On my hand, it is what it says: red-orange. It’s definitely quite the pigmented gloss, as the colour has only the faintest hint of translucency, looking just a bit milky. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated – I don’t own anything bright orange in my makeup bag (or bags, considering I have another one left in Manila), save for a Kokuryu lipstick which I bought on a whim just because I wanted to see what I looked like with orange lipstick.

So what’ll it look like on me, then?

Pretty awesome, I think!

Look at that shine!!!!

Look at that shine!!!!



Now I know I kind of look like a reptile in the first photo, with the light reflecting off my eyes since I only cracked my curtain open a bit when I took that. So I figured I’d have to throw in another selca just to make up for it, heh.

Peach Cobbler is a dream to apply. Seriously. All the claims of buttery, super-smooth application? TRUE TRUE SO SO TRUE. It’s such a delight to even slick it on my lips. I like to take my sweet time in application because it. feels. so. nice. Also, it does have that sweet, baked goods smell that disappears a bit after application. Wish the scent lasted longer, though!

On my lips, they tend to be slightly tacky even after a while. A bit of a minus, but not by much. Even after most of the shine and colour fades, I still get a pretty nice tint, not to mention my lips feel.. they feel like there’s a soft, smooth layer on top of them. What’s inside you, Butter Gloss? What makes you feel so nourishing on my lips that it makes up for lack of longevity? (It’s a gloss, after all.)

I even wore it again the next day.

Youuu are soooo beautiful... to meeeeee, Butter Gloss.

Youuu are soooo beautiful… to meeeeee, Butter Gloss.

See how nicely it sits on my lips, with a wonderfully even coverage? Like my lips look so plush and pillowy? Yessssssssss. Also, I noticed that Peach Cobbler pulls slightly coral on me, which is nice because I don’t have any coral-coloured lipstick or any other lip product.

The girl likes that..
☆ applies like a dream. Buttery, very much.
☆’s pretty buildable – a light swipe gives a sheer tint, while a good slick gives a lovely colour that sits nicely on lips.
☆ lips feel very much moisturized, even after the shine and colour considerably fade, like after I eat. (You know I love to eat–)
☆’s a wonderfully wearable colour for both day and night!

The girl dislikes that..
□’s a bit tacky on my lips.
□ ..the sugar cookie scent disappears so quickly after application. Noooooo!

The girl rates it..
..a 10/10!

I certainly never thought I’d be wearing gloss again after high school, but the NYX Butter Glosses are a pretty awesome exception. I’m so tempted to buy the other shades like Sugar Cookie and Cupcake (thanks again, Jen) and just enjoy how smooth they glide on my lips – even when my lips aren’t exactly in their best condition. Not only because they apply like a dream, but the moisturizing feel these give make them truly deserving of the name Butter Glosses.

Damn, now I think I want dessert..

xx Marianne


18 thoughts on “Review: NYX Butter Gloss in BLG06 Peach Cobbler

    • I don’t think they have anything too dark, but I think you should pick up Red Velvet or Cherry Pie (can’t go wrong with red), or Raspberry Tart (a nice deep purple but not too dark, think of the Revlon Lacquer Balm I gave you. 😀 And, if you can find it, Devil’s Food Cake which is a deep red. I want it also, actually. ^^;;

      Just basing this off swatches I’ve seen online!

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