Trying to recount my second semester, part 1: November & December 2014

It’s the second week of final exams for SULaw, and all the work seems to be piling up: submissions, Consti 2 mooting (which happened today, so at least that’s done), plus the impending exams – Oblicon, Consti 2, and Crim 2 – which I’m already anticipating to be difficult. Urrrrrgggggh.

This post isn’t as much of an actual blog post as it is an outlet for me to just write. Or type..?

Brain farts, aha!

This second semester has been.. pretty fast. After the semestral break (late October-early November), it seemed like only a couple of weeks before the Intramurals arrived during the first week of December, and the weeklong event pretty much also meant no classes again. Admittedly, I met and was able to talk to more of the SULaw upperclassmen than I did in the acquaintance party in July. I guess the camaraderie that stems to being in a team comes more easily than just awkward intros early into the schoolyear.


Also, my first time play volleyball outside high school PE class. Ahaha.

I never actually planned to join SULaw volleyball. It was more of a last-minute whim – they needed players and I figured a little physical activity would do me some good. It felt really good to belong in a team –  even if it felt a bit rag-tag at first, and I pretty much am foreign to the sport (I was more of a soccer kid back in elementary and high school). It was nice to be able to pick up even just the fundamentals. Though we only won our first game (it was a double elimination kind of thing), we still had a great time.

Also, it meant we could cheer on our SULaw Men’s Basketball, who eventually reached the finals, finishing in 2nd. (Though I firmly believe we were cheated in that one game..)


You guys.. I've never cheered or screamed or shouted so hard for a team in my life.

After Intrams, it was only a couple of weeks until Christmas break.

So pretty much the first “two months” of the second sem was spent doing things that weren’t school related. Wonk wonkkkkkkkk.


One of the things I did during the holiday break was to release my stress into the trees. Lol nah this was during our visit to the dancing lights in Ayala Triangle.


And presiding over a meeting of-- lol nah just goofing around at Nielsen's at the Peninsula Manila.

xx Marianne


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