On the lighter side.

Or, when I decided to get my hair coloured a light ash brown!

So as some of you might know (via my Instagram, Facebook, or if you personally know me), I had my hair dyed a few weeks ago, around the 18th of April. Yes, I know it’s pretty late for me to be talking about it but well.. I’ve been a bit busy catching up with friends, or doing housework–

Yes, housework! I’m spending my summer vacation doing housework since we don’t have a helper at home anymore. Wenk–

It was a pretty spontaneous decision. I mean, I did want a change for my hair.. but I wasn’t sure I was going to do anything drastic. I had originally planned to get the bottom third of my hair bleached and dyed a bright purple (yes) but then again I wasn’t so sure on how I would maintain it. I opted for the next best thing – going a few shades lighter with my hair.

I had my hair coloured over a year ago, when I was still working as a production assistant at an animation studio. That was a spontaneous decision too – I tagged along to a salon trip and ended up having my hair dyed a reddish brown of sorts. I don’t remember the exact colour.

I posted a status on FB expressing a desire to go blonde, and I noticed a reply from Ate Trinna, one of my best friends whom I met in my undergrad years. (We were classmates, and even shifted to another course together. Also, she’s roughly the same age as my own older sister!) We agreed to meet the next day and we would go to the salon together. In college, we would always go out after class for trips to the salon, whether for a hair cut or treatment, or to get our nails done, or anything else. It was how we destressed, really.

The next day, I went to Ate Trinna’s house. I sat outside as she got ready to go, and snapped a last photo of my hair.


Goodbye, previous hair!

She took me to Fresh Salon in BF Home ParaΓ±aque, which is across Puregold South Park. After some deliberating, Ate Trinna suggested I go a light ash blonde. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I knew I wanted a change. It would be significantly lighter than my current colour!


A helpful diagram of sorts?

After they washed my hair, they mixed the tube of hair colour with developer. I couldn’t see what they were exactly because I was busy chatting with Ate Trinna. After all, it was the first time we had seen each other in months!

As the first application was being brushed onto my hair, avoiding the roots, Ate Trinna went out to buy something from the Mini Stop next door – how convenient to have a convenience store next to the salon, haha! A few minutes later she came back with a sundae cone for me!


Awwwww yeeeeeeee.

My hair left to develop (like a photo? Lol) for around an hour or so. During that time, Ate Trins went out to buy merienda for us – chicken rice topping meals and water. Of course, I couldn’t decline because it’s food! :p It’s pretty much a foodtrip every time she and I hang out, I don’t really get surprised by how much we eat anymore!

After a while, the shower cap was removed and dye was applied to the sections near the roots. I don’t remember how long I waited, because all I remember was the stinging of my scalp. (My scalp is pretty dry and flaky, and I tend to scratch it a lot so it can get a bit tender with small wounds. Oops.) But then again, what’s a bit of stinging when I know it’s going to look great in the end? Tiis-ganda, we say! (Imagine if I had opted to go even lighter! Gah!)

I was whisked back to the washing area to rinse the dye. Once back to the chair, I opted for a treatment just to nourish my strands, frazzled from the peroxide. Then as my hair was getting blow-dried, the salon attendany approached me to ask if I preferred a sandwich or spaghetti – apparently, Fresh Salon gives you a free meal from McDonald’s when you avail of a service that takes a long time: either rebonding, hair colour, or.. well, another service which I forgot. Welp! I opted for the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with a regular Coke.


Even more noms!


The derp face is crucial.

When my hair was done, I paid for the services and then Ate Trinna and I went to InfiniTea to buy milk tea for us and for her son as pasalubong. And of course, we just had to have a selca together!


That night, I pretty much admired my freshly coloured and blow-dried hair.. but I realized it would look even better when my hair was back to its curly state, so the next day, I washed my hair and poof! It became Koko– nah, curly again! (Props to you if you get the reference to a certain chocolatey cereal!) The day after that, I went out to SM Megamall to meet another best friend, Stevie, and we took a selca together with my lovely curly hair– *^*


Luuuuuuhvely cuuuuuhls.


Reunited and it feels so good - to be scoping out guys HAHAHAHA

As expected, it’s gotten lighter the more I wash it and the more time passes. It’s a lovely blonde colour that isn’t too light, and because it’s an ashy tone, it won’t be likely to go orange on me. I’ve gotten compliments on it and I definitely want to maintain it!


Derping is a family thing!

Stay tuned for a post on how I care and maintain my (kind of) new hair! πŸ˜€

xx Marianne


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