A sudden Bacolod weekend.

{ PHOTO HEAVY! Also, a very long post! }

Well.. I seem to have a horrible habit of not posting regularly on here anymore. But I suppose, it’s not too late to post. I don’t really expect to have a regular readership or a hefty amount of subscribers.. so if you are still here, reading this, then thank you! I’m glad you think that my haphazard style of writing is still worth your time!

June 12 here in the Philippines is Independence Day. and since it falls on a Friday this year, it automatically makes the holiday a long weekend. I had been planning to go to Bacolod for a while, because my friends Gax and Chesra had suddenly bought tickets to Bacolod a couple of months ago and I was eager to tag along. Hahaha! (Even though I knew I have classes on Saturday. Yes. The life of a law school student..) I thought of it as a last hurrah for summer.

So, here goes.

I took the 3am Ceres aircon bus to Bacolod from the Dumaguete station. Why 3am, you may ask? Mainly because the trip takes SIX HOURS: 2 hours from Dumaguete to Mabinay, 2 hours from Mabinay to Kabankalan, and 2 hours from Kabankalan to Bacolod. If you check a map of Negros Island, it’s pretty much going from the southeast (Dumaguete) to northwest (Bacolod), cutting through numerous towns and cities, plus traversing a mountain road. Yes. A mountain roadΒ full of dizzying curves and turns and unpaved portions (because they were repairing the road).. ah. My friends were set to arrive around 1030am, and I thought better early than late, right?

Also, I couldn’t fall asleep anymore so I decided to just hop on the next earliest bus I could catch. Hahaha!

Me, at 3am/ Hahaha!

Me, at 3am. Hahaha!

I managed to stay awake for a few hours as the bus sped through the coastal road, though there wasn’t much to see because it was still dark outside. I ended up looking at signs and buildings, and only then I realized how far Bais City was from Dumaguete. (The current Bais mayor is actually an aunt from my mom’s side [Jalandoni] of the family. I’ve been meaning to visit her but well.. time.) By then the sun was barely beginning to peek out from the clouds.

As the bus veered left to go up the Kabankalan-Bais mountain road, I sighed heavily as I tried to prepare myself for the dizzying ordeal. I’d say it was like sitting in a rocking crib, swaying side to side while just outside were fairly steep drops in places where there were barely any people around. Like literally, you could count the number of houses on one hand. There are also parts of the area where there’s no cellphone reception.. (this sounds like a horror story trope, can someone write about that–)

The sun was slowly rising, and I could see the sky and the surrounding hills and valleys. It’s quite a pretty sight, especially through the early morning fog. Though, of course, it did kind of look like another horror movie sight at times..

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