Review: Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink and Topanga

I’ve always been interested in buying Colourpop Lippie Stix. They’ve been raved on by beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts all over the world, so my interest in them only grew. I decided to buy a couple as a birthday present for myself.

I searched through Instagram for reputable makeup sellers here in the Philippines and stumbled upon Miss Glamorazzi (not to be confused with Ingrid Nilsen – Miss Glamorazzi, the beauty blogger). She had the least expensive price, not to mention I read up on feedback from her previous customers.. so I went for it!

I picked 2 Colourpop Lippie Stix – Brink, and Topanga!

I love getting packages!

I love getting packages!

Building up anticipation, hahaha!

Building up anticipation, hahaha!

They're here!!!! /shrieks/

They’re here!!!! /shrieks/

An attempt at a pretty flat lay. Hahaha!

An attempt at a pretty flat lay. Hahaha!

Brink and Topanga.

Brink and Topanga.

Colourpop Lippie Stixย come in a rainbow of colours and a variety of finishes. Though the product is considerably less (about 1.0g of lipstick) than that of a traditional bullet, I find the “pencil” type and shape as slightly easier to carry around. It feels like a ballpoint pen! The shape of the lipstick itself follows the shape of the case – a round tube, but with the top part sliced diagonally so the highest edge forms a kind of tip. This tip really help me apply the lipstick on the cupid’s bow area!

Bullets slightly extended.

Bullets slightly extended.

Swatched on my arm.

Swatched on my arm.

Here are the shade descriptions as described on Colourpop’s official website:

  • Brink: A warm dusty taupe in a matte finish. Curated by @brittanysuleiman. Inspired by the insta-famous Kylie lip.
  • Topanga: A mid-tone dusty coral in a satin finish – You’ll love this like Corey loves Topanga.

The lipsticks are designed to be veryย pigmented – so women of colour need not worry about light shades(or any other shade of Lippie Stix, for that matter) not showing up properly on them! The Colourpop website is even considerate enough to show swatches on 3 different skintones (fair, medium, deep) on each of their product pages.

I’ve worn Brink a few times, and I can say it is amazingly close to my own natural lip colour – it’s currently my favorite MLBB! I keep forgetting to take selcas when I wear Brink, but I’ll update this as soon as I manage to take some!

I wore Topanga to a group meeting for one of our classes. We had no class that day because it was a holiday, so we decided to meet in the morning. If you know me well, it’s that I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. But I managed to wake up and try to look like a normal human being when inside, I felt I just wanted to keep sleeping. I wore Topanga to make myself look brighter, and this was the result:

I was still sleepy, obviously..

I was still sleepy, obviously..

The Lippie Stix glide on my lips quite smoothly, though on the very first application they tugged a bit – probably because my lips were dry, oops. As for longevity, they last a good few hoursย – unless, like me, you eat a lot. But I’m happy to report they leave a nice tint on your lips even after the main colour’s rubbed off!

And THAT NAME. TOPANGA. TOPANGAAAAAA! I didn’t watch Boy Meets World regularly (I would only get to watch it when I chanced on it on TV many years ago), but how can any 90s kid not know about one of the great TV couples – Corey and Topanga?? Danielle Fishel is such a cutie pie – not to mention, I think, a good role model when it comes to body image. She’s curvy and healthy. I feel like I have a good chance in life. Hahaha!

Love it, love it, love itttttttt.


The girl likes that..
โ˜†’s easy to apply, thanks to that bullet tip shape!
โ˜† comes on practically opaque.
โ˜† ..though true to its colour, it might vary in appearance depending on your natural lip colour.
โ˜† ..the Lippie Stix come in different finishes and in so many shades, so finding your next MLBB or statement lipstick is a breeze.
โ˜†’s pretty affordable. On the Colourpop website, it’s just about $5. I bought mine online at around Php370 or around $8 – but that’s considering they had their stock imported.

The girl dislikes that..
โ–ก ..the lipstick itself smells.. kind of plasticky. Luckily, it dissipates after a few minutes.
โ–ก ..there’s only 1.0g of product. I want moooooore!
โ–ก ..the cute metallic print on the case can get rubbed off if it jostles around in your bag too much. :(((((

The girl rates it.. 9.5/10!

I love it. I love it. I love itttttttt. I want more of itttttttt. I want a whole pencil case full of ittttttttt.

Do you own any of the Lippie Stix? What shade should I purchase next?

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

xx Marianne


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