My current hair care routine!

Yes yes, another super delayed post since I’ve been enjoying my time back home for vacation!

So you lovelies know that I had my hair coloured a dark ash blonde last month – and we all know colour processing damages our hair. But what you may not know is that I also have a dry scalp – so my haircare needs are slightly varying and may not always work with each other. Lately, my hairfall’s been less because vacation has me relatively relaxed, but it’s still quite a problem.

Today, I’ll be telling you what shampoos and conditioners I use to take care of my hair!

Shampoo & conditioner:


1. SNOE Hair Heroes Super Fresh 5-in-1 Conditioner

This, honestly, is a GODSEND for me! My Ate Imee gave this to me for Christmas and I used it over the holidays, but forgot to bring it back to Dumaguete with me. But using it now that I’m home for summer holidays is such a delight! It’s a 5-in-1 product: a cleansing conditioner, after-shampoo rinse out conditioner, head massage stimulant cream, deep treatment mask, and leave-on conditioner. I personally use it as a cleansing conditioner; which means I use it without using shampoo because it leaves my hair and scalp fresh and clean! The smell took me a while to get used to, but I’ve come to love it. Not to mention it gives such a cooling sensation on my scalp!

It contains the following lovely ingredients (grabbed from Snoe’s website:)

Sage Oil- proven to boost hair growth. It soaks up excess oil and makes dirty hair fresh. It helps in reversing hair loss problems, promoting hair growth, and it thickens and strengthens compromised hair shafts for better manageability and shine.

Australian Tea Tree- will help unblock hair follicles while moisturizing your scalp and keeping it free of bacteria and fungal problems.
-Treats hair problems like persistent dandruff and itchy oily scalp.
-Rid the hair and scalp of buildup from styling and environmental exposure.

Peppermint- Balances pH level of scalp to put a stop to oily hair. Treats dry scalp and dandruff. Relieves itching. stimulates hair follicles and hair growth. Leaves hair feeling fresh all day.

Hexamidine- Antimicrobial with a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi and yeast. Helps minimize oily scalp, irritation, acne and dandruff.

2. Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment

I first discovered this product when I dyed my younger sister’s hair with EH’s Bubble Hair Dye – it came with a small packet of Silk Scarf Hair Treatment for the rinse. I decided to buy the full-size bottle after hearing my sister rave about how nice her hair smelled. Haha!

Using this hair treatment, my hair becomes instantly soft and smooth while rinsing – much like a silk scarf! The floral scent is rich but somewhat delicate at the same time, and not overpowering. Also, it rinses out very easily and doesn’t leave any residue on my skin.

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