First Friday. (This post is to be updated throughout the day)

Most likely will be full of rants.

quarter to 10am – I woke up and saw the text from Ma’am Belen that said I qualified for SU Law School admission and I should get my permit to enroll processed at Hibbard Hall. Posted it on IG and on here.

1130am – Went to Hibbard Hall. Thought it would be simple but apparently I need to submit original copies of my requirements. Well shiiiiiiiiit. (Obvs made me pissed because I hate going around in hot weather because I have the wonderfully fortunate case of sweating very easily in wonderfully copious amounts of perspiration.) Then I also need to get a medical exam and tests done at SUMC. I thought you did that shit AFTER you did the paperwork. Ugh. What the hell.

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