Expect at least 2 posts for today!

Apologies again for the massive delay. A lot has happened in the past week..


Just a heads up!

I’m working on a very lengthy and photo-heavy (but pretty late) post about my little solo trip to Cebu City! Now take in mind that I am not much of a traveler (unless it involves Metro Manila, public transport buses, and the LRT/MRT train system), and that this trip was practically me getting lost in a new place, yet being vaguely familiar with some of its sights.

Also, there’s a lot of photos and writing bits about my journey there.


xx Marianne


SP – Wednesdays are not “happy hump days”..

..they are hell-day CrimLaw and StatCon days. =________=

I’m supposed to be studying but saljfhalsjghlksghslakg my brain can’t take it. I need a break, so here I am making this wonderfully rambly post. (Is that a real word? I don’t even know anymore.)

I read the case digests for the CrimLaw assigned cases last night before I went to sleep. I didn’t really bother understanding them because my mental capacities were already wonderfully depleted as yesterday we had a quiz in LegalProf as well as in Consti. Wow. I may or may not have been overly *studious* yesterday, which is definitely a world away from my habits in my undergrad years. (Oops. Sorry. When I woke up today I was like– what was i supposed to remember again ;A;

Now excuse me while I attempt to study and read through cases and case digests for Crim later.. I don’t think I can even accommodate anything other than that, if my brain even chooses to accommodate any other legal jargon at all. Eck.

Might post later.


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SP – And this time, I actually am sick–

..hello again, allergic rhinitis. ><

I'm not happy about this.. I don't know if I have to go to the hospital to get a proper prescription because over-the-counter meds don't seem to work for me as well as they used to. Gaaaaaaah.

I had a really hard time sleeping as it was difficult for me to breathe. Needed to double up my pillows so my airways could be cleared a bit.. Also, when I blew my nose this morning there was *shudders* phlegm. UGH. I hate it.. I even hate the word. So gross..

Maybe it's the weather changes, maybe it's acacia pollen (?) or.. ah. Idk.

I need to see an ENT..

SP – Post-interview catharsis.

The interview.. I don’t know how it went.

They asked some tough questions that required me to think things through and defend my answer.

I don’t think I gathered my thoughts well enough to answer coherently or make any sense.

So right after that I went straight to the bathroom because I felt my eyes tearing up. I leaned by the counter and just.. cried.

I’m really scared for the results.

I don’t want to fail, I know people expect a lot from me and I’m scared to disappoint them.