With a new challenge comes new friends.

And that’s quite precisely how I feel about today.

We happen to have Saturday classes from 930am-11am; however we were dismissed early because we were required to attend an orientation for first year Law students at the Moot Court. At first I was a bit iffy because, well.. orientations tend to be boring, to be honest. But at least after a short talk from one of the SU pastors as well as Dr. Aguilan, the guidance counselor of the College of Law, we were able to have lunch. Heehee.

After lunch, we came back to the Moot Court and were asked to arrange our chairs into a circle – or at least, an oblong. There were over 40 of us (!!!) and obviously a circle just wouldn’t work for our class. Then we were asked by Dr. Aguilan to introduce ourselves to the class – it was actually our third time introducing ourselves, because two of our professors had asked us to do the same thing during their classes.

But the difference is, this was definitely more informal in the sense that we didn’t feel as if we were being silently judged by our professors. We felt like we were being more ourselves, more light-hearted, more open to a degree. It was really nice to have an opportunity to let loose for a bit, albeit still in the confines of school. And at least this time, I was able to familiarize myself with my classmates, even if I admit I probably will not remember all their names until a few weeks from now. (Oops.)

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A bit of free time.

I haven’t really had time to stay up and reflect on my days so far.. and yesterday’s holiday (Philippine Independence Day) was pretty much spent trying to read assigned cases, checking on my cargo to be shipped from Manila, and to go out with my nephew and buy his school supplies.

At least today, I do have some spare time to type something up on my laptop and not just type it on my smartphone.

It has been a little more than roughly a week and a half that I’ve been here in Dumaguete and I admit I’m still not really used to it.. hasn’t really sunk in that I’ll be here a while. Things just really are different here. The atmosphere is just so laid-back, very far from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. But then again there is a sense of urgency especially since I’m in law school. That, you can’t just happily coast along. You really have to do your best lest you get left behind.. and my classmates seem to really be good at this. I feel kind of left out because they actually do want to be here. As for me.. I’m more on here because I have a sense of obligation to my dad for this. I don’t really know what I want in life, but I do know that I want to sing. Haha. Well.. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get the hang of this someday.

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A fairly sunny Saturday.

Today, I didn’t really have much to do. I went to SUMC to pick up my x-ray results (normal chest, woohoo!) and to get a brief check-up from Dr. Jandoc, who is a family friend, and my older sister’s godfather. Heehee! It turns out I didn’t even have to undergo anything, he just looked through my medical form and asked a few questions.. because he was just hanging out at the Women’s Auxiliary’s snack shop reading a newspaper, which he apparently does often. So I submitted my test results and medical form to the University Clinic, and I got my permit to enrol. However, since it’s a Saturday, offices close by 11am so I’ll hopefully finish enrolling on Monday, because classes start on Tuesday.

I had an iced coffee at The Bean @ Portal (wow, I’ve been going there almost daily–) while waiting for Macho and his Mamu Choy. (Note: Macho calls his grandmothers as Mamu, and his great-grandmothers as Lola.) Mamu- or rather, Tita Choy, is also a professor at SU Law, but the subjects she teaches are forΒ the higher years. If I decide to really pursue Law, then she’ll be one of my professors too. We went to Lee Plaza as well as Robinson’s to buy a few things, then we visited her parents before being brought home. It was nice to be able to talk to Tita Choy during the car ride back to Bantayan, after dropping Macho off back at Camanjac. She said that even if it was not an immediate choice to really study Law, I should still do my best.

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First Friday. (This post is to be updated throughout the day)

Most likely will be full of rants.

quarter to 10am – I woke up and saw the text from Ma’am Belen that said I qualified for SU Law School admission and I should get my permit to enroll processed at Hibbard Hall. Posted it on IG and on here.

1130am – Went to Hibbard Hall. Thought it would be simple but apparently I need to submit original copies of my requirements. Well shiiiiiiiiit. (Obvs made me pissed because I hate going around in hot weather because I have the wonderfully fortunate case of sweating very easily in wonderfully copious amounts of perspiration.) Then I also need to get a medical exam and tests done at SUMC. I thought you did that shit AFTER you did the paperwork. Ugh. What the hell.

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Home is where the heart is.

Unfortunately, mine seems to still be in Manila.

But then again, it really might take a while for me to fall in love with Dumaguete; to see it as more than just a vacation spot or a place where most of my relatives are. So we’ll see in the weeks and months to come.

Today, Lucille and I went looking for apartments again for me to live in. You see, my dad wants to get Lola’s house renovated bit by bit, which is why I can’t stay here long-term. And besides, I do want a space of my own where I can have my things all laid out, photos pinned and tacked onto walls, maybe even have a poster or two? Little things to make me less homesick, really.


I passed by a cow while walking to Lucille’s house. (Let’s just call it her house, haha.)

A friend of ours recommended a dorm behind ABC Learning Center, which is still in Bantayan, so it is very near my tita’s house and Lucille’s house. Walking distance, really. So Lucille and I inquired and they had a room for one that will be vacated by July 1. We were brought up to see the room and it was pretty good for me! It’s quite spacious, with lovely green walls. The rent for it is Php3,700 per month, but the first payment must be double because the other Php3,700 would be for the security deposit/reservation fee. – but then again, that already includes free electricity, water, and WiFi access (!!!!!) so that is a pretty good deal. However, the only furniture would be a bed with no mattress; I would have to bring my own electric fan (which I already have, hohoho), hangers and racks, storage bins, the like. The room is also very airy because it is a corner room, which means I’d have a lovely spread of windows for the air to flow in. And it tends to be quite cool at night so that’s a plus!

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Yesterday with a hint of today.

Boarding gates.

Boarding gates.

Airplane selca!

Airplane selca!

Lucille and Matthew.

Lucille and Matthew.

So I’ve decided to make a blog again. Like, not just a photo-posting blog. (I use my Instagram for that, hahaha.) I’ll still be accompanying my posts with photos, though.

Yesterday, I bid goodbye to Manila as I, along with my younger sister and nephew, boarded a plane to Dumaguete City. They had already been studying there for the previous schoolyear, and as for me.. I’ve decided to take up law school.

In all honesty, it was my dad who pushed me to take it up. I mean.. he wants someone to follow in his footsteps as a lawyer. Meanwhile, I had always thought about it, but the amount of required readings and concepts to digest and understand are nothing short of intimidating. So I tucked those thoughts away for the longest time until my dad came up with a compromise – take one year of law school, then at the end of that one year it is up to me if I am to pursue it or stop. But then again.. an opportunity like this doesn’t come very often. It would be a waste to just halt studies, if by chance I end up doing pretty well in my first year.

I’ve always been quite an indecisive person who doesn’t really know what she wants in life. Maybe this’ll give me a sense of direction. Maybe I’ll actually like learning about the law. And maybe a change of location, a change of pace will do me some good. Hmmmm.

When we landed yesterday in Dumaguete, I admit it felt like a whole new world to me. It really dawned that I would be staying here for the next few months, or years if you don’t count coming back home to Manila for vacation. I do have a lot of family here, but no friends. It’s a fresh start. But then again, sometimes fresh starts can be absolutely terrifying.

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