Expect at least 2 posts for today!

Apologies again for the massive delay. A lot has happened in the past week..


Just a heads up!

I’m working on a very lengthy and photo-heavy (but pretty late) post about my little solo trip to Cebu City! Now take in mind that I am not much of a traveler (unless it involves Metro Manila, public transport buses, and the LRT/MRT train system), and that this trip was practically me getting lost in a new place, yet being vaguely familiar with some of its sights.

Also, there’s a lot of photos and writing bits about my journey there.


xx Marianne

Inside The Pouch (plus some of my favorite things)


So it’s been almost a month since I wrote anything here – I blame law school, haha! It really does take an enormous amount of hard work and effort just to get through each day. I’ve also been getting sick, and I think it’s also due to all the acacia trees in the campus – ALLERGENS GALOOOOOOORE! In the range of a month I’ve had 3Β separate allergic rhinitis spells, and most recently, a sinus infection (it’s my 3rd day today–).

Just a little while ago, I sneezed.. and there was blood spatter all over my hands. My nose was bleeding! ;A;

Okay, enough gross stuff now. Time for a post!


Ta-daaaaaaaah! For today’s post, I’ll be revealing to you what’s inside my trusty pouch. I’ve actually been bringing this around quite often, but because there are times that I am just too lazy to do anything other than wipe my face with a tissue and hope it doesn’t look like a shipping vessel dumped oil all over it (heh), I end up just leaving it untouched in my bag. Oh well. /sighs/


First of all, let’s discuss the pouch.

Would you believe this was a purchase from NATIONAL BOOKSTORE? It’s actually a pencil case!

Makeup pouches, or small and stylish pouches in general, can be ridiculously expensive. A good alternative is to check out your local bookstore, school supplies outlet, or even department store for cute pencil cases. I bought this mainly it has my two favorite colours (blue and purple), and also because the print looks like INFINITE’s logo (coughfangirlmomentcough) – and it was a little under Php100. How could I pass it up?

I also originally bought this for a Boracay trip with my cousins last December; so an important thing for me when I was looking for a suitable pencil case was a strap so I could just loop it around my wrist. I tend to forget about small bags or clutches, so the wrist strap was a really good feature to it. Functional, too.

Time to open the pouch!


Such a hodgepodge of mostly lip stuff. Heehee.

It’s not very impressive.. but these are pretty much enough for me to get through a day. That is, if I decide to put on makeup, haha~

If you notice, most of my products here are for lips. I’m usually too lazy to put on eye makeup or hassle myself with getting an even coverage with concealer and powder (oops), but the thing I love about lip products is that sometimes you just need a few swipes of a good colour to really pick you up. These days I’m into stick/crayon type things because they’re easy to carry and so easy to hold as well. They remind me of My First Crayolas!

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