Review: TonyMoly Kiss Lover Style in PK10 Pop Pink

Surprise! Another lipstick review! πŸ˜€


I purchased this lipstick during my holiday Manila visit. I probably have a lot of lipsticks already (and only one set of lips) but well.. it was calling me. And I haven’t tried anything from TonyMoly other than their eyebrow pencil (which I use almost daily), so I think this would be a good starter.

First, the packaging!


Here's what the box sides look like. (I don't read Hangul--)




So nice and bright!

It comes in a cutely patterned box, with black and pink as its main color theme. The lipstick itself is encased in a nice, sleek plastic tube; with the usual click top and twist-up parts.


The bullet itself is slightly beveled (?) on top, it looks like a jewel~

From the tube, it looks very similar to another lipstick that I currently own – Too Cool For School’s Hot Color Lip Sticker in Hawaiian Flower, which I purchased last year while at SM Mall of Asia to visit my friend Chesra. Here’s a swatch comparison photo for your reference!


Dammit, I labeled the TCFS one wrong-- >< Sorry!

Hawaiian Flower leans a bit on the magenta side, with a slightly more matte finish. Pop Pink is a nice candy pink, reminiscent of Bazooka bubble gum to me, actually!

Onto the lip swatch!


Taken yesterday (Thursday), while my hair was still temporarily ironed straight from my Wednesday haircut. Hehehe. Feeling fab!

My lips are already naturally coloured, and for some reason Pop Pink leans a little purple on me. This was around 3 good swipes. What I like about this lippie is that it applies fairly sheer, with buildable colour. And so smoothly, with no tugging at all. I felt extra pretty –  nice hair, bright lips? How could you NOT feel pretty? :p

BUT I have to warn you with sensitive noses – this does have a scent, vaguely fruity, vaguely floral. I can’t really pinpoint the exact scent but I don’t appreciate it as much as other scented lipsticks (unless if they’re vanilla scented like Manic Panic and MAC lippies, which I really like).

I wasn’t going to comment on wear longevity, but I was pleasantly surprised yesterday:


Rrrrreally feeling my hair here. Ooh.

The above photo was taken 2 hours after application, and after a lunch of Spam and rice. Though the colour wore off, it left a nice stain on my lips. Another plus: my lips felt so nice and moisturized!

I didn’t reapply anymore because I got lazy– ^^;;


The girl likes that..
β˜† applies so smoothly.
β˜† ..colour is buildable, so you can float between sheer and bright lips!
β˜† lips felt hydrated even as it wore off.
β˜† left a nice stain on my lips even after eating lunch.

The girl dislikes that..
β–‘ smells kind of weird. :/

The girl rates it..
.. an 8.5/10!

Buildable colour, smooth application, and hydrating formula? Yes yes yes!!! I would totally wear this more often when I need a pick-me-up from the stresses of school, or just when I feel like shaking things up a bit. It’s amazing what a good lipstick can do!

xx Marianne


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