Review: MAC Face Kit by Rebecca Moses in Plum

Hello, lovelies! I finally got around to sorting out and watermarking photos, not to mention found time to actually write a bit. It’s a very welcome respite from the strains of law school life (sighs) so it’s nice to be writing about something of interest for once.

Today I’ll be reviewing one of my birthday loot bag presents from my dad: the MAC Face Kit by Rebecca Moses! I forgot where Papa said he bought this (I think at an outlet store?), but either way it’s nice to finally own a MAC palette.

It comes in a box sleeve.

It comes in a box sleeve.

Back of outer box sleeve.

Back of outer box sleeve.

The palette itself.

The palette itself.

As with all my other reviews, I usually comment first on the packaging. So here goes!

The palette comes in a box sleeve with Rebecca Moses’ illustrations grazing the front, and detailed instructions on the back for a smoky eye look. When slipped out of the sleeve, I noticed that the cover was actually wrapped in FABRIC! But what I like is that the fibers are tightly woven together so there’s little chance of fraying or snagging. I personally would still be cautious every time I use this palette because it would seem to get easily dirtied!

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty (or, if I went to hell for being beautiful–)


I just finished making my lengthy post on my Cebu trip and I need a brrrrreeeeaak. So here it is! I first saw the lovely V make this post, and enjoyed it, thought about making one, but forgot about it. Hahaha! Then my close friend Alexis made it too, so I decided okay, I’ll really do it this time! :p

I haven’t been into beauty for a very long time, say 2 or 3 years tops? But I like to think I’ve amassed quite a little collection already so I think I can take this tag post without too many problems.

1. Greed: What’s your most inexpensive beauty item? What’s your most expensive beauty item?

The most inexpensive beauty item I have would have to be this highlighting powder that I bought at Daiso, on my Cebu trip! According to its packaging, it’s for nose highlighting (since it comes in a teeny 1.3g pot with a sifter lid), but it can also be used for general highlighting needs. It’s a pearly shimmer with a slight pink tone, and I used it for my Purplehood Ball makeup that I did myself.

As for the most expensive beauty item I have, it’ll have to be my Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Flash. It’s an exquisitely shimmery pink which I haven’t actually worn out of the house yet–  haha! I think it retails for around Php1500? I’m not exactly sure – because this was just given to me by one of my best friends, Lala. Hahaha! If it’s something that I bought with my own money, then the most expensive thing would have to be my Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in W24 Honey Beige, costing a little under Php1000. It’s super handy since I can take it on the plane, even if it’s pretty bulky for a compact.

2. Wrath: What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Like Alexis, it’s with false lashes – I like how they look and I like how my eyes look super fabulous with them on, buttttt it’s so hard to put on and I’m always paranoid that it’ll fall off or look weird when nudged out of place! Another reason why I only wear falsies when I play around with makeup at home.

Another pet peeve makeup would have to be liquid foundation. My oily skin tends to prefer powder foundation, or more simple BB/CC creams. I like to build up coverage instead of slathering one layer and looking really really greasy.

3. Gluttony: What brand takes up most of your collection?

Oh man, I don’t even know. But I really think Etude House takes up most of my collection – from convenient lip tints and eyeshadow sticks to nail polish to their foam cleansers to their Play 101 pencils.. wow. They have a balance of cute style and function to justify me not being able to resist purchasing them. Also, I don’t remember how many sheet masks I’ve bought from them–

A runner up would have to be Nature Republic because their nail polishes are so inexpensive! Not to mention their skincare is top-notch, and their sheet masks. Gotta love sheet masks.

4. Sloth: What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?

Primer. I mean I know it’ll make my face look nice and smooth and poreless but.. who has time for that? Sometimes I’ll even be content with just lipbalm.

5. Pride: What product gives you the most confidence?

Definitely a good lip colour! Whether it’s a vampy, bright, or even a fairly neutral lip, it’s really something that reflects my mood. It’s also excellent for lazy girls like me who can’t really be bothered with how they look, but still want to exert a teeny bit of effort to look human. (Especially when you’re super stressed with school or work!)

6. Lust: Which item is at the top of your beauty wishlist?

Oh goodness, I’ve only managed to make a list of my beauty lemmings. Seriously. There’s so many items, so I will casually bend the rules and give you one item per general category..

Eyes: Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette
Lips: MAC lipstick in Lady Danger

7. Envy: Which makeup product looks great on other but not on you?

Nude/pale lips. I have yet to find that perfect nude that won’t make me look washed out, sickly, or even dead. Hahaha! I actually purchased a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo (a pale bubblegum pink) before out of curiosity, and when I tried it on.. it was a mix of shock and laughter, actually. I looked weird!


Why don’t you try this little tag post out too?

xx Marianne

Review: NYX Butter Gloss in BLG06 Peach Cobbler

Hello, my lovelies! I never thought I’d do yet another review on lip makeup, or makeup for that matter.. but here I am, crushing my own expectations. Hahaha! 😀

Last Valentines’ Day weekend, I took it upon myself to go out of two and off the the Queen City of the South, Cebu City! I’ll do a separate post on that, but for now I’ll give a little bit of a background as to how I purchased this little baby.

Basically, I was wandering around SM City Cebu and trying to familiarize myself with the mall. It was HUGE! Not quite Megamall huge, but definitely bigger than SM Southmall. I didn’t know anyone in Cebu (save for a couple of friends who, alas, had work that day so I was left on my own for Saturday) and for some reason, the hustle and bustle of an SM mall gives me a vague sense of comfort.



/cue angelic choir/ HAAAAALLELUJAAAAAAH

/cue angelic choir/ HAAAAALLELUJAAAAAAH


NYX Cosmetics is well-loved here in the Philippines (and in the whole world, for that matter) for affordable, high-quality cosmetics. It’s a favorite of online sellers (and buyers) for its wide range of shades and products. So how do you think I felt (as a relatively new lover of makeup) when I found an ENTIRE SHOP just for NYX? (Hint: It involved a bit of jaw-dropping and slight wheezing to myself.)

Apparently they also have branches at SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia, but maybe I can visit there when I come home to Manila– /excited/

They were having a sale on selected items, which led me to check out this particular display:



See the little orange tube near the top left hand corner of the display, by the lip crayons? It’s hanging out in front of the lip glosses.

It was the last Butter Gloss in the whole store.
They were having a sale on selected items, and the Butter Glosses were the first to go.. So how lucky was I that the last tube of Butter Gloss left on sale was in the shade that I was most curious about – Peach Cobbler? So of course I immediately bought it, and went on my way. /no regrets/

I finally got to try it out when I came back to Dumaguete.

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Review: Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick in Nosferatu

AHAAAAAAAAAAA! The review you’ve all (okay.. maybe just some of you) been waiting for! (Previous review on Daughter of Darkness is HERE.)

I originally swatched this a few days ago (on the 6th, to be more precise) while I was trying to practice my contouring. You’ll see a photo of it later in this post!

Like Daughter of Darkness, this was purchased from GWYSHOP, a lovely shop that sells mainly cosplay items such as wigs and circle lenses. I can’t really say I’m a regular since I don’t go to cosplay events anymore mainly because I’m miles and regions away here in Dumaguete, but I’ve purchased quite a few items from them. ^^

Nosferatu is a lovely velvet black shade. Velvet, because it has a matte finish! I’ve really been loving matte lips these days and this black lippie has really appealed to me because of its finish!


Yes, I reused the photo from when I received the package– ^^;;

Now, I admit I was pretty apprehensive to try a black lipstick.. but ever since my friend Alexis nudged me in the direction of the dark side (of the lippies), I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of purchasing any lipstick/gloss/shade other than something deep and dark. Purchasing Nosferatu was really stretching my limits – I mean, on what occasion would I wear it? Would I even have the guts or style to wear it outside the house??

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Review: TonyMoly Kiss Lover Style in PK10 Pop Pink

Surprise! Another lipstick review! 😀


I purchased this lipstick during my holiday Manila visit. I probably have a lot of lipsticks already (and only one set of lips) but well.. it was calling me. And I haven’t tried anything from TonyMoly other than their eyebrow pencil (which I use almost daily), so I think this would be a good starter.

First, the packaging!


Here's what the box sides look like. (I don't read Hangul--)




So nice and bright!

It comes in a cutely patterned box, with black and pink as its main color theme. The lipstick itself is encased in a nice, sleek plastic tube; with the usual click top and twist-up parts.

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Review: Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick in Daughter of Darkness

Yesterday, I woke up early for my 10 a.m. Saturday class, which is Legal Writing. I don’t normally wake up an hour before class but– I wanted to make sure I looked human so I could take nice selcas with the lipstick that I’m reviewing today. 😀 (But then it turned out that we had no class today – I received the news just as I arrived at school. Guuuuuuh.)

Just in case you missed my first glance post on Manic Panic Lethal Lipsticks, click right HERE!

I purchased this lovely lippie from GWYSHOP, though I believe Rainbow Head sells them for around Php50 cheaper.

Daughter of Darkness is a deep oxblood colour with a matte finish. I’ve never worn dark lips outside the comforts of my room, so it was really exciting to go out wearing such a bold shade.


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In the Mail: Manic Panic Lethal Lipsticks in Daughter of Darkness and Nosferatu

First post of 2015, woo!

I apologize to my readers for the long delay in posting. It feels like months since my last post. I’ve been swamped with law school, and I chose to spend my holiday vacation bonding with my family and catching up with my friends (especially if we’re friends on Facebook or connected via Instagram). Also, when I returned to Dumaguete on the 5th, I found out the next day that I was in the early stages of chickenpox, which meant 2 more weeks out of school spent in a super-sedentary lifestyle because I couldn’t even take a few steps without groaning in pain from the high blood pressure. I need to lose weight, too–

ANYWAY! This first post of the year is about my first big purchase of 2015 –  Manic Panic lipsticks!

I’ve always known about Manic Panic hair dyes, because my friends use it and I’ve also seen a lot of bloggers and celebrities use it to dye their hair all rainbow-brite. Hopefully this summer I’ll get a chance to dye even just part of my hair with it! (I’ve already contracted my friend Gax to dye for me. Muhahahaha!) Then I found out they had a cosmetics line and I just HAD to browse through their site, after which I browsed through some local online sellers for availability.

I purchased mine from GWYSHOP, whom some of you may have seen manning a booth with a couple other sellers during cosplay events. I’ve actually bought a few things from them such as NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and contact lenses, but this is my first online purchase from them.

Because I currently reside in a dormitory in Dumaguete City, it’s not very easy to get things sent to me. I usually opt to get items picked up at a nearby courier branch, most likely LBC since it’s the nearest one I know, not to mention there’s so many branches in Manila so it’s easier for the sender to send it to me through branch pickup. (Am I making sense..?)


Compared to the LBC and FasTrack wrappers, the sent items are actually quite small. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that I love love LOVE receiving things in the mail, whether it’s a package containing a photobook or an album, or an order from an online shop, or even snail mail like postcards and letters. So of course, when I receive something I tend to go snap-happy and take photos of it!

Let’s take a glance at the packaging first, shall we?

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